What is Microsoft Teams Phone System?

  • Cloud PBX Phone System
  • Unified Communications Solution
  • HIPPA Compliant

For some businesses, Microsoft Teams can eliminate the need for on-premise infrastructure.

How Teams Phone System work?

In order to have a functional phone system you need the following:

  • Internet Access
  • Call Routing
  • Access to the PSTN

Microsoft Teams Phone System provides the call routing. By adding internet connectivity and access to the PSTN, customers can deploy a cloud PBX using Teams.

Microsoft Teams Phone System allows users to use the Teams app exactly the way you use your regular phones, and you can do so with any device running the app as long as they are connected to the internet.

Microsoft Teams Phone System is a Seamless Way to Deliver Enterprise Voice Services

Teams Phone System eliminates the need for on-premise infrastructure and enables pure cloud deployment with rich features and functionality.


Make and receive calls anywhere using a desktop handset, mobile or PC.


Manage your phone system via the Teams for Business admin portal.


CONFERENCING High quality voice and video conferencing for up to 250 participants.


Make and receive calls within Office 365 and Native O365 applications.


Call transfer, call waiting, music on hold, call queues - and more.


Make and receive voice or video calls, worldwide.

Unified Communications

  • Make and receive calls
  • Track your calls
  • Receive voice mails, including transcriptions

Teams Phone System offers the same functionality and features on desktop, laptop and mobile devices

Works with Existing Phone Systems

Microsoft Teams integrates with many telephone systems on the market today, including Mitel and Avaya, ensuring customers can maximize their phone system investment.

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