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Utility ManagementUtilities are a significant source of operating expenses at many organizations. Utility Management can help reduce cost.

All too often it is a line item that is either ignored or receives little attention from management. The electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, and solid waste bills arrive each month with no periodic review for accuracy.

Utility Management professionals through Telecom Café can ensure that your utility accounts are managed properly and that you’re not paying more than is necessary for these key operating expenses.

Business Utilities should be audited to ensure you are not paying more than you should. Utility Account Audit (UAA) is a comprehensive one-time review of all utility accounts. The audit allows our clients to determine if any billing errors have occurred, for which refunds would be due.

It also identifies any opportunities to reduce costs, going forward. The forward-looking effort is focused on potential savings related to unit costs, or what a customer pays per kilowatt hour, per mmbtu, per cubic foot, etc.

Utility Account Management (UAM) is a comprehensive, ongoing service primarily for organizations with multiple facilities in different geographic regions served by numerous utility companies. Such organizations usually want a single source of responsibility for making sure that utility outlays are minimized at all times throughout the entire organization.

This service starts with a Utility Account Audit to determine a baseline for all utility accounts at all locations. The accounts are then continuously monitored against this profile to keep management apprised of specific performance issues and opportunities to reduce costs.

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